Word of the day: Concinnity

(n.)  /kənˈsɪnɪti/

Concinnity is a rarely used yet beautiful word that can mean either a skilful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of different parts (1) or a studied elegance of literary style or artistry (2). It refers to a deliberate attention to elements as part of a whole, and a focus on integrating different elements with grace and beauty, not merely efficiency. The connotations of quality over quantity are also appealing to me; I feel like we could all use more concinnity in our lives.

Examples of use:

1. Their plan for future endeavours outlined natural steps with a beautiful concinnity.
Focusing on the bottom line runs counter to any possible concinnity.
Concinnity is important if one wants to create something of lasting value.

2. No factory could create a thing of such beloved concinnity.
This piece of critically acclaimed art has a high degree of concinnity.

Etymology: Mid 16th century. From Latin concinnitas, from concinnus ‘skilfully put together’.