Welcome, and have a good balter!

I’m starting this blog to share my love of words and language with others, and there’s plenty to share. To me, language is not only a tool for communication, but an entire spectrum of complexity and beauty that allows us rich nuances, informs our culture, and can bring us closer together in tears or in laughter. The heart of a language lies in how it can express these ideas so clearly and well. Its grammar, its vocabulary, and its distinctive sound all play important roles and I feel that in exploring them, we can learn how to express ourselves even more clearly, and more spectacularly than ever before.

Most of Cor Lingua will be about English, but other languages are equally fascinating, so expect frequent guest appearances from around the world. Here you will find nifty little words that aren’t well known, common words often misused, news about linguistics and the history of language, funny stories, hilarious definitions, and tips on how to improve grammar and writing.

For the time being, it’s Monday, so I’ll keep it short, and if you haven’t baltered, you may wish to consider it. I’m going to curl up with a good book.

balter (v.): to dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.
‘There’s nothing quite like baltering to your favourite music at the end of a long day.’


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