Word of the day: Sillage

(n.) /siːˈjɑːʒ/  or  /sēˈäZH/

This is a fantastically cool word which refers to a lingering scent in the air; the drift of perfume left behind by someone. It can also figuratively be used to mean the impression or space left behind by a person or object, or a trail left in water. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: ‘The degree to which a perfume’s fragrance lingers in the air when worn,’ which is accurate, but seems to fall short on nuance for such a lovely word. Enjoy!

Examples of use:
Only a faint sillage remained to confirm that she had been there.’
This perfume has an enchanting sillage.’
It was a summer fragrance with good sillage.
The empty space on the shelf left a sillage which she could not ignore.

Etymology: French, literally ‘wake, trail’.